Rhubella, the {{water}} template will be placed all accross Uncyclomedia projects. Thank you. Ahmed03 Šnabždesiai 00:00, 18 rugpjūčio 2019 (UTC)

I can't inspect your edits here because I'm not administrador. Rhubella Marie (aptarimas) 19:21, 18 rugpjūčio 2019 (UTC)
OH! Why did you block me on lots of Uncyclomedia wikis? I feel quite angry right now! Do you want me to vandalize your userpage? No! So I want to be unblocked becauae I promise not to do vandalism anymore. This feeling is turning from angry to AGGRESSIVE! Ahmed03 Šnabždesiai 22:04, 18 rugpjūčio 2019 (UTC)